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Terms and conditions for Monthly 8 Membership $89.95

Membership is an opportunity to participate. The benefits are: Lower per class costs, because The Pole Barn Studio gains the steady monthly stream of revenue. The Instructors are paid whether you attend or not. The classes are offered based on your select membership, thus the more members we have, the more classes on the schedule. We plan for you to attend classes and that is how we determine our class offerings. If you chose not to attend for any reason, you do not get a refund on your class or membership. We can’t make you come to class, but we can encourage it. It is your obligation to come to class and we hope you take advantage of the offerings we have available.

The Pole Barn Studio values its members and offers incentives to them to show its appreciation. Life happens and if you ever find yourself unable to fulfill your membership commitments, let us know, although we cannot offer a refund, we can give suggestions to you on how to come back to The Pole Barn Studio when you are ready. Membership creates a community. You will gain a better result by participating and you will see a return on your investment.

Enrollment Fee – The enrollment fee covers the expenses of setting up your membership.

If your card is declined at anytime (due to card cancellation, insufficient funds or expiration date) your membership will be cancelled and you will lose all rollover classes, plus you will be charged another enrollment fee to cover the Bank fees.

**Monthly committed Memberships can only be canceled AFTER your minimum time commitment of 3 months is complete. *If you wish you cancel after the commitment has been fulfilled, you will need to provide 30 days notice via email to info@polebarnstudio.com. If at anytime your card is declined, you cancel your membership, or do not provide intent to cancel without proper notice, you will lose all of your classes and rollover classes. Canceling must be done by email only.