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SILKS or POLE Class (1 Hour)

Visit http://www.thepolebarnstudio.com/party.html for more details or to forward to a friend.

Simple Easy to Understand Pricing!!

* If your group is larger than 8, you should book a 2 hour Party.

For only $7.50 more a person, you can book a 2 hour party... which is twice the fun and includes time to socialize and allows you to bring refreshments.

1 Lesson PRIVATE Party Costs: $30.00 per Person with a MINIMUM of 5, MAX 8 *even if 5 people do not attend, you still must pay for a minimum of 5 = minimum party cost.

Once you arrive you can settle your total bill, which will be the costs per person minus the deposit

Your Deposit will be credited towards your total party cost. ~ Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, plus you must have/KEEP a valid credit card on file to reserve your date/time.

~ Cancelled Parties within 24 hours of start time will be charged in full. ~ Re-Scheduled Parties will be assessed an additional $50 fee and you must re-book within 6 months of the original date.

ALL Guests must sign a waiver once they walk inside, regardless of participation.

NOTE: Every person in attendance must pay, whether they participate or not, if they walk in, they are part of the group and must pay.

~ TIPPING your instructor is appreciated!

*** Damages to facility, occasionally we have party attendees that spill, break something or leave a mess behind that is not easily cleaned up, for that purpose we retain your card on file and will charge up to $50 for a cleaning fee or damages fee. Such examples are: makeup stains on the carpet, breaking of glass, damage to poles from jewelry, etc,

Please treat our studio like you would your own home, or BETTER!

Morning Afternoon Evening
Apr 10 Friday 0 0 2 Times Available
Apr 11 Saturday 0 4 Times Available 0